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Steel is Real

And Coho Clients are Rolling it Out!
Among other things Steel is Real is a Facebook group dedicated to the appreciation of steel-framed bicycles (that's a Seven Cycles Redsky on the... more

Happiness is...

When Your Clients' Customers are Happy
And when that happens, we’re happy, too. It's a happy-fest! This bit of news passed on by one of our favorite Clients upped our happiness... more

Major Mac High Sierra Bug

Per Mac Rumors, there is a major security flaw in the High Sierra OS. If you are using a Mac and have the latest version (High Sierra), you need to... more

WordPress Summer!

Cowabunga! Now that fall has done so, we wanted to share some of our summer fun! The Coho Team enjoyed the weather this past summer by rolling out... more

Wannacry Ransomware Attack

The recent ransomware exploit commonly referred to as wannacry or wannacrypt attacks operating systems on vulnerable servers and PC's. It is not... more

Throw Away that Wrist Splint!

Do you have Customer Service or Sales Reps with wrist splints due to repetetively typing order data into your ERP or other system? That is so 1.0.... more

Get Down and Give Me Twenty, Website!

All tied up in knots? Fortunately, it doesn't take a Houdini to untangle some common business issues. Chances are, if you were to step back and... more

Oh by the way, We Sold Our Site…

…and the new owner takes over at the end of the month. We heard that recently from two of our clients - one a multinational in the drug sector for... more

Button, button - who's got the button?

So you’re doing a defined piece of work for a Client, you have one client contact and out of the blue of the internet skies, you start getting... more