During the Alaska diphtheria outbreak of 1925, first responders had to hitch up Balto and the rest of the team to the sled to deliver the antitoxin to Nome. Today – fortunately – Zipline can step in and let the sled dogs take a nap.

In their first pilot (or should we say, ‘pilotless’?) programs in Uganda and Rwanda, Zipline autonomous drones safely delivered hundreds of thousands of shipments of life-saving blood and medical supplies to remote hospitals and health facilities. And that was just the beginning. Zipline drones are approaching the 10 million miles flown mark with nearly a million products delivered and they’ve recently entered into delivery agreements with Walmart, Novant Health and others.

Coho was privileged to be chosen by The Belief Agency to build the new public-facing web-site for Zipline and rolled out the new site built on the Contentful CMS system and REACT per Zipline’s spec. The website content is pre-rendered, delivered without requiring further round trips back to the server and engineered to be friendly for users in low-bandwidth areas. And Zipline can now use the Contentful repository to deliver content across channels as effectively as their drones deliver the goods across the world.

For more about Zipline’s exciting technology, fly over to the site:

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